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FREE PDF Ø BOOK Tiger's Voyage ✓ HANNAHREDHEAD Å With the head to head battle against the villainous Lokesh behind her Kelsey confronts a new heartbreak in the wake of his traumatic experience her beloved Ren no longer remembers who she is As the trio continues their uest by challenging five cunning and duplicitous dragoGing five cunning and duplicitous dragons Ren and Kishan once vie for her affections leaving Kelsey confused than eve Okay So I guess I should explain why I bothered to read this third book See my lovely cousin Abby read my review on the second book and thought it was hilarious So she got all four books from her library and started reading them And every once in a while she would start laughing like a demon SoI needed to know What could be SO COLOSSALLY BAD about this book that made her laugh and slam the book shutI hate unsatisfied curiosity And now I know Am I a better person for it Probably not Probably worse for it But am I better writer from it Well Now I know what NOT to do Time to begin EVERYTHING WRONG WITH TIGER'S VOYAGEWith SpoilersDuhLet's start with the biggest problem 1 THE PLOT So they need to find these items for Durga in order to break the curse right Right So now they need Durga's necklace Fine Whatever Want to know how they FIND said necklace Well only a certain dragon knows where it is We'll call him BOSS dragon because I don't feel like writing all of their names out with the little accents and whatever So they talk to this dragon's brother Who tells them where a 2nd dragon they need to visit who will tell them where the 3rd dragon is who will tell them where the 4th dragon is who will tell them where a 5th dragon is who will tell them where the BOSS dragon is But wait It gets better So BOSS dragon tells them where a key is They get the key which gets them the necklace Happy days Then Kelsey gets kidnapped the end In between these major events fill in with long montages of Ren and Kishan declaring their undying love to Kelsey Well on that later I'll let you know when we get there OKay Weird SoIS there a plot Guess not 2 KELSEY AND HER EGO Problem the first can it get any bigger For a supposedly average girl she certainly has a lot of sections of the book for her to tell us how GORGEOUS she looks Cuz I guess that's really relevant to the plot AlsoKelsey's clothesDoes anyone else have to stop for a few minutes to try and unsuccessfully figure out what the heck she's wearing I eventually just gave up and kept reading Or I googled whatever italicized word she randomly had in there Alsohow can you not recognize yourself in the mirror multiple times in a row You'd think after the first time of not recognizing yourself you'd be a little open to surprise And what is the purpose of these random Kelsey's dressed up by magic montages Seriously the bit where the dragon makes her hair grow and dresses her up or whatever for funthat was just NOT NECESSARY Neither was the bit where Kelsey is dressed up as Parvati Or the bit where Kelsey gets dressed up in event a b c d e f whatever you get it Kelsey as everyone knows is just plain annoying She plays around with both Ren and Kishan's feelings because she doesn't want to hurt either of them or whatever but I hope she realizes that the longer she strings Kishan along the it was bound to hurt when the truth all comes out Well That's gonna come back to hurt ya later Plus what is with Ren and Kishan being so dang determined to love this crazy girl Kelsey describes herself as pudgy brown haired and plain Sotwo hot Indian guys who are over 200 years old just randomly fall in love with that sort of girl And don't tell me it's her personality Justdon't Don't go there Apparently Kelsey's 19 But she acts like she's 15 soyou know She takes EVERYTHING to heart and get's hurt by the smallest little things both physically and emotionally I can't BELIEVE that it never occurred to her that Ren's forgetting her was done in order to protect her Seriously I think everyone reading the book and their annoying siblings reading over their shoulders saw that one coming KELLS And another thing Kells Am I the only person really irritated by a Kelsey's name and b Kelsey's nickname and c Kelsey's millions of Indian nicknames Please tell me I'm not alone Am I AM I Seriously if I am I need someone to just tell me already Don't leave me in this agony for so long AndKelsey's apparent genius I don't know if I'm the only one who noticed thisbut I guess Kelsey's the only person who can figure out ANYTHING plot relevant in the series Even though Mr Kadam is the one going around with hundreds of years of experience and is doing all this research Kelsey will just walk in the room and be like oh THAT's what we need to dofindwhere we need to go Cuz she's the amazing Kelsey Fear her No really run away Be afraid Be VERY afraid Anyways We'll move on I think I've covered everything else that irritates me about Kelsey in the other review I wrote her hair braiding And Ren's obsession with said braids Weirdand the ribbons Justthe ribbons I'm sorry Kells but every time you mention putting your hair into two braids with ribbons I think of Pippi Longstocking Not a 19 year old girl trying to look mature Jus' sayin' Alsoher hair randomly growing back Clearly this just happened to make Ren happy Seriously It wasn't necessary except for that whole bit with Ren getting angry about her cutting her hair Also Him getting angry about her cutting her hairIsn't it HER hair Edward I meanREN Whoops How did I make THAT mistake3 THE MEN AND THE OTHER WOMEN Soapparently everyone in Ms Houck's world is gorgeous Because that's how Kelsey seems to describe them all In her mind EVERYONE is good lookin' She's jealous of EVERY girl because they ALL try to push each other over in order to get to Ren and Kishan Snicker Sorry the mental imagery is just too much for me to handleRandi is annoying blond stupid anorexic and a cliche An overly used cliche that apparently Ren thought he should use to try and make Kelsey jealous What IS it with female authors now a days who think they need to have a bitchy blond girl character to pick on their poor plain brunette heroine Seriously this is just getting on my nerves now Is it possible to NOT use cliches and get a point across Please Can we Randi is an awful person fine whatever But she was also completely unnecessary to the plot Aside Please please PLEASE stop using anorexic bitchy popular girls as a way to make your heroine heroic for eating normally Anorexia is a serious mental illness that affects millions of men and women worldwide and at its worst can cause DEATH This is NOT the message you want to send young impressionable girls especially since contrary to popular belief anorexia is not caused by seeing too many thin models in magazines and TV but is actually uneven brain chemistry People with anorexia LITERALLY CANNOT HELP IT Their struggles are real and their stories are often very sad To see all that thrown away for the sake of another boring YA heroine puff herself up for being bigger than most girls is the worst skinny shaming I've ever seen STOP ITSTOP MARGINALIZING SERIOUS MENTAL HEALTH CONCERNS Thank youAnd all you authors out there Enough with the Bella Mary Sue girl characters would you We really don't need a bunch of I'm a badass man lover brunettes running around in random pieces of clothing I can't even bother to pronounce let alone begin to understand what they mean not because I'm opposed to learning about new cultures but because Houck almost does these name drops to impress upon us how much googling she did Enough with the cliches please If I can complain about them any I will They are generally used by inexperienced authors and sadly they are being accepted by people if Houck's gettin' rich off of stupid people who love cliches This is a bad lesson to teach an author give them a bloated head why doncha and a bad lesson to teach teenage girls Real life isn't like that at ALL Welcome to the real world If we can get a decent heroine in modern fiction who I do not despise that person gets a happy face sticker on their review SeriousAnyways back to the problem with the OTHER WOMEN hereAgain all gorgeous Again even Nilima is a source of jealousy Seriously I PITY Nilima That poor girl is seriously just a plot device who shows up when she's important and then disappears again I actually stopped reading at one point and asked my cousin waitis Nilima even on the yacht Apparently she was I found that out later when she was randomly inserted back into the plot Also apparently she was fasting because of some random reason or another that somehow justifies her being gone for previous chapters And now for the men The men The men Oh dear Is every man in the world in love with Kelsey Well let's see so far1 Ren Fine ONE love interest 2 Kishan His brother Why Soap opera much3 Li Is there a reason here4 Jason and Artie Because apparently it's now socially acceptable to date multiple guys at once5 Texan diving instructor guy Because I guess we can only get a 21 year old diving instructor randomly in India Ya know Instead of an old veteran who would NOT become another love interest Orlove toy really because they're very clear that he's not a love INTEREST he's just there to compliment her and make her boyfriends happy Like a slave Whoops did I say that out loud6 Lokesh Yep Lokesh I'll get back to that later Surprised aren't you Have to flip back to the book and remember WHO Lokesh is again don't you Because you forgot that there was supposed to be a villain in these books That's okay I did tooAlso the men in generalhow many times do they have to grunt Because they seem to do that a LOT Just go back and count It is ridiculous 4 LET'S DESTROY YEARS OF CULTURE AND HISTORY TIME YAY Okay so I'm not the first person to point this out but Houck has a strange obsession with giving us RANDOM INFO DUMP THAT YOU DIDN'T WANT TO KNOW sections And the best bit Well in an attempt to tell us how much research she's done Houck has actually shown me how LITTLE research she's done Because she's destroyed a lot of history and culture in an attempt to fit it into her book First off a lot of these sections are just randomly put into the story No I'm serious They just have little TELL ME A STORY times that have no plot relevance whatsoever If I WANTED to read a history book I'd BUY a history book And I have before It's been done First Houck does not accurately portray Durga or Parvati I had to study a lot of Indian myths and culture in Honors English class and if the goddess she's talking about is supposed to be the same goddess in those mythsthere's something wrong here Also Gilgamesh Yeah I know that she talks about it in the 2nd book not the 3rd one but I don't have room to do it on the other review The story of Gilgamesh is actually about Gilgamesh turning into a jack a into a nice dude after he accidentally kills his friend Enkidu and then fails to bring him back to life It has little to do with Gilgamesh being clever or about him sneaking into the realm of the gods or snakes shedding their skin Really Kelsey Snakes shedding their skin How did you get THAT out of the epic poem of Gilgamesh And no I didn't label it an epic that's actually what it's called TOO EPIC FOR YOU KELSEY You didn't embrace the show not tell law Shame on you Kill it with fire and all that The only way the word epic could be used to describe this book is if the word fail came after it EPIC FAIL5 LOVE MONTAGES I don't think Ren is really her boyfriend I think he's a guy she hired to give her compliments You think I'm joking I'm not It's almost as bad as watching Kristen Stewart say I LOVE you Edward as angrily and forcefully as she can Kelsey if you have to hear a guy tell you he loves you a million times in order to believe him then maybejust maybeyou're making a mistake here You're 19 years old Possibly there will be other men out there You've already proven THAT Possibly you should wait a few years before trying to get married right awayAnd let me just remind everyone the one big pervert similarity between this and Twilight they are hundreds of years old She's 19 Creepy much And no it's not okay to say BUT THEY WERE TIGERS ALL THOSE YEARS Do you think I care No Justno They want to marry her that's disgusting really Almost as bad as what's coming up next 6 THE VILLAIN BECAUSE YOU KNEW THIS WAS COMING So have you had time to go back to your book and remember Lokesh We good now You know who he is Yes you're right He IS the hundreds of years old villain who wanted to kill Ren and Kishan's father and marry their mother You remember that part Now you remember that he now wants to marry KELSEY right Because THAT's so original I'm getting Dust Land flashbacks It's not pretty Oh sorry thanks for the correction Abby he doesn't want to marry her just to marry her he wants a son Yep Okay Great Because we certainly needed that there This reminds me of yet another series that tanked Really hard By Cassandra Clare If you don't know what I'm talking about then consider yourself lucky VERY lucky Please don't go looking for it You'll only hurt yourself Another note to new authors Please No I MUST HAVE A SON obsessed villains please And if you MUST have them at least don't make them want to marry the heroine in order to GET said son You'll notice I said please twice I'm getting desperate here Help Me BONUS TIME So in an attempt to maybe COMPLIMENT the book I think Kirkus Reviews did a pretty good job of summing up what reading the book is like shocking heart rendin soul tearing Ye apThis thing tore my soul out all right And stomped on it And killed my laugh box And by the end I was wondering why stuff like this ever gets printed BONUS TIME OVERTIME A uote from my lovely cousin to describe these books I got it Kelsey is a ball of yarn being batted around between two catsimage error

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With the head to head battle against the villainous Lokesh behind her Kelsey confronts a new heartbreak in the wake o My favorite of the series

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Tiger's VoyageF his traumatic experience her beloved Ren no longer remembers who she is As the trio continues their uest by challen Tiger’s Voyage captured my heart ensnared my soul and left me breathless and so so in love I love this book this series with a passionate heart soaring brilliant love that consumes me and I become so invested in the story and Kelsey and Ren and Kishan’s lives that their pain is my pain their love my love and I dread the end because it means I must finish this part of their story and wait and wait for the next part And Colleen Houck doesn’t give you a happy perfect ending to stay your anxiety no she the evil witch she is slams the worst of cliffhangers into your face and you turn the last page to find it blank and you’re so desperate to find out what happens but that’s it That’s the ending and you must wait for eternity to find what happens next For this reason I hate her And yet I love her because she writes such a fantastic story with possibly my favorite romance that I have read And that is because of Ren The drop dead gorgeous tall dark and handsome Indian Prince of ultimate perfection Not that he doesn’t have his faults because he does but there is no man who has me swooning than he I loved how dragons were incorporated into the story That Kelsey and her two tigers had to find five dragons that would eventually lead them to Durga’s Necklace which would bestow upon Ren and Kishan time that they can be humans Each of the dragons were uniue and interesting I thought the development and execution of the plot was excellent There was adventure and danger and fantasy and heart stopping romance and laughter One of my favorite parts was when the trio met the dragon that wanted to play a game with them that turned out to be like an old fantasy story with knights and dragons and princesses I thought it was fantastic ;Now the romance Oh my the romance Never has any romance been so sweltering hot and swooning inducing than what goes on between Ren and Kelsey Every time Ren stepped onto the page and said something or did something or kissed or touched Kelsey or Houck described what he was wearing I was swooning and falling for him hard Which was like every other page And he’s not even real Yeesh Erica get a grip He is my dream man next to Apollus in the Tennis Shoe Series and all my classic men crushes If I had to choose between Ren and Apollus I don’t know who I would choose Because Apollus strapping young Roman soldier with a strong spirit and so incredibly good looking come on pause as I fan myself from all the hotness going on here image error